Armenia and the Trilemma

Why am I writing about this? I work for the British government and Armenia is a small country far away. Well, it starts with a project at my work that matches up employees who would normally have never met, to discuss their work and life over coffee. It's called 'coffee connect' and I've met some really … Continue reading Armenia and the Trilemma

Source: American Public Power Association

Blockchain & The State

What is Blockchain? I've already posted about this here, but it's worth going through again - at least as a spot of revision for myself. The benefits are clear, as I outlined earlier: Maersk, the world’s largest shipper, faces unique challenges that incentivised it to trial blockchain, claiming that one container hauled from East Africa … Continue reading Blockchain & The State

Wind turbines in Mölsheim, Germany

UK Labour’s German connection

It's been a while since the last election, and I think it would be interesting to consider some of Labour's manifesto points. The bullet points below (p20) outline party policy from their manifesto. Their aim was to deliver increased renewable energy, more affordable energy, and greater democratic accountability of energy. I'd like to focus on the second sub-bullet point … Continue reading UK Labour’s German connection

A watershed moment for energy

According to the IEA's World Energy Investment report, published earlier this week, investment in electricity overtook investment for oil and gas for the first time ever. This is important, as we are currently at a crossroads for our energy transition. Investments today will have reverberating impacts 10, 20, 30 years to come, as certain networks will become committed to certain energy sources. Yet there is a reluctance to make these decisions, as the backdrop to electricity overtaking O&G investment is a 12% drop in global energy investment.