On Sunday afternoon, UK solar generated more electricity than any other single source

Electricity generated by solar panels on fields and homes outstripped all other single sources of energy yesterday afternoon, in what looks to be a historic first. The UK isn't known for being a sunny place, and in terms of renewables it has more of an association with wind energy. Yet for around three hours, solar … Continue reading On Sunday afternoon, UK solar generated more electricity than any other single source

Armenia’s forgotten interconnector

Look at the ENTSO-E grid map for Europe and you'll see an oddity. Turkey and Armenia, which have tense relations and a closed off border, apparently share an electricity interconnector. This means that their electricity grids are physically connected, and they can theoretically import and export electricity. How is this happening? Has the need for … Continue reading Armenia’s forgotten interconnector

Europe is facing a gas problem that can’t be solved with LNG

Gas networks in NW Europe (but not the UK) are generally divided into L-gas (low calorific gas) and H-gas (high calorific gas). The dependence on one large field for L-gas is becoming apparent, and with this field facing production restrictions, problems may occur before the L-gas networks can be converted into H-gas networks. Using H-gas in L-gas networks is unsafe, and many domestic/commercial appliances can only work with a certain range of gas.

Armenia and the Trilemma

Why am I writing about this? I work for the British government and Armenia is a small country far away. Well, it starts with a project at my work that matches up employees who would normally have never met, to discuss their work and life over coffee. It's called 'coffee connect' and I've met some really … Continue reading Armenia and the Trilemma

Source: American Public Power Association

Blockchain & The State

What is Blockchain? I've already posted about this here, but it's worth going through again - at least as a spot of revision for myself. The benefits are clear, as I outlined earlier: Maersk, the world’s largest shipper, faces unique challenges that incentivised it to trial blockchain, claiming that one container hauled from East Africa … Continue reading Blockchain & The State

UK Labour’s German connection

It's been a while since the last election, and I think it would be interesting to consider some of Labour's manifesto points. The bullet points below (p20) outline party policy from their manifesto. Their aim was to deliver increased renewable energy, more affordable energy, and greater democratic accountability of energy. I'd like to focus on the second sub-bullet point … Continue reading UK Labour’s German connection

A record 90% of new power capacity in the EU was renewable last year

In figures recently released by WindEurope, the progress that Europe made is well highlighted. At the turn of the century, new renewable power installations accounted for less than 3GW - no more than 20% of installed capacity that year. This is even more shocking when you consider the lower capacity factors of renewable technology of that time. It … Continue reading A record 90% of new power capacity in the EU was renewable last year