On Sunday afternoon, UK solar generated more electricity than any other single source

Electricity generated by solar panels on fields and homes outstripped all other single sources of energy yesterday afternoon, in what looks to be a historic first. The UK isn't known for being a sunny place, and in terms of renewables it has more of an association with wind energy. Yet for around three hours, solar … Continue reading On Sunday afternoon, UK solar generated more electricity than any other single source

Europe is facing a gas problem that can’t be solved with LNG

Gas networks in NW Europe (but not the UK) are generally divided into L-gas (low calorific gas) and H-gas (high calorific gas). The dependence on one large field for L-gas is becoming apparent, and with this field facing production restrictions, problems may occur before the L-gas networks can be converted into H-gas networks. Using H-gas in L-gas networks is unsafe, and many domestic/commercial appliances can only work with a certain range of gas.

A watershed moment for energy

According to the IEA's World Energy Investment report, published earlier this week, investment in electricity overtook investment for oil and gas for the first time ever. This is important, as we are currently at a crossroads for our energy transition. Investments today will have reverberating impacts 10, 20, 30 years to come, as certain networks will become committed to certain energy sources. Yet there is a reluctance to make these decisions, as the backdrop to electricity overtaking O&G investment is a 12% drop in global energy investment. 

Thoughts on the Israeli economy 6/7

Gas sector? Note: this was written in 2015 What is currently not a driver of the Israeli economy is export-based trade of natural resources. Historically, given its small size and not ideal location, Israel was not been blessed with raw materials or naturally occurring resources in abundance. However, this is potentially about to change, with … Continue reading Thoughts on the Israeli economy 6/7